Day 25 of 25 – Fun with Rudolph Treats

For most of us Christmas Day is filled with family, food, presents and laughter.  At my house it also includes “craft time” with grandma.  My mom always has some sort of craft for the girls (my nieces) to do when they come visit.  This year I came up with the craft idea of Almond Joy Rudolph bites.  These adorable goodies are fun to make and create many laughs while making them too.

Rudolph Treats

12 miniature GF pretzels halved (now mine broke so I just used the pieces that I could, which I think made them kind of “crazy/silly” looking – in a good way though)
12 fun-size Almond Joy candy bars
12 mini marshmallows halved
12 red M&M’s miniature baking bits
Black decorating gel for eyes

Insert an end from two pretzel halves into each candy ar to form the antlers. Gently press the cut side of two marshmallow halves onto each candy bar for eyes; dot with decorating gel to help stick.

For nose, attach an M&M to the top of each candy with a mixture of powdered sugar and water to make a paste.

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