Hershey’s Gluten Free List

Hi Everyone,
As the baking season is fully underway I wanted to share with you the good news (in case you hadn’t already heard) – Hershey’s has a list of all of their products that are gluten-free.  I’m super excited to now report that their butterscotch chips, which last year were reported as non-gf, are this year on their list as good-to-go.

This is obviously good news for the majority of us since Hershey’s is the most readily available baking chips in most of your grocery stores.  So stock up and bake away!

Check out the full list at The Hershey Company.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. This is fantastic news! Saw your comment with a link to this on a SITS giveaway.. Can’t wait to check out more of your site!

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