Got BREAD?? I do ~

I always thought it would be easy for me to be Gluten Free because I’ve never been a big bread eater. Well, little did I know how hard it would be. From the simple things like Garlic Toast or a Panini Sandwich (once in awhile). Well I have the answer to that – Johann’s Bakery.  It was amazing, for the first time since diagnosed I actually had the smell of fresh cinnamon toast in my house.  And for lunch I had the first GF Panini in a very long time.  So it was needless to say “a bread day” for me.  And I loved every bit of it. I even added a small amount of shredded parmasean cheese to the top of it while I grilled it to make the top nice and crunchy.

Cinnamon Toast that I had for breakfast  using the GF Cinnamon Bread

And here’s the Panini I had for lunch using Johann’s Original GF Bread

I original found out about this bread on Christmas morning when my step-mom makes her annual Christmas GF French Toast Bake.  Every year she finds a new bread to try.  This year was Johann’s. Which she found at Sprouts.  When I opened the bag to smell it, I couldn’t believe my nose.  It smelled just like french bread.  I couldn’t wait to share this information with all of you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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