Celiac Awareness Month – May 2013

National Foundation For Celiac Awareness has a month-long campaign going in celebration of Celiac Awareness Month 2013.

Please check out their website for valuable information regarding Celiac Disease and how you can help yourself and your family from the effects of Celiac Disease.

Here’s an overview of some of the great things you will find on the Celiac Awareness month’s page:

  • 2013 Celiac Awareness Month Toolkit (free download!)
  • Fuel the Family: Blogger Campaign
  • Gluten-Free Product of the Day
  • Celiac Awareness Month Events (including the upcoming free webinar, “Gluten-Free Menu Planning: Budget-Friendly Tips”)

I hope you all will go and check out this page as it has tons of useful information on it all the time not just during the month of May.

Looking forward to sharing the great information with all of you this month.


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